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Properly, you have already noticed that there are cameras here and there in our club. We are not secretive about it either. Why should we? We don’t use the camera images to violate your privacy. On the contrary; we use cameras to prevent sexual harassment and to make sure that your belongings, but also your data, are safe with us. Wherever we use cameras, we will communicate this. Furthermore, our cameras are protected against hackers.


Il fiore healthcenters has security cameras in several places. We use camera surveillance at the entrance of our club. After all, we want to know who enters our club. And especially at our clubs that are open 24 hours a day, the camera images are an extra measure to keep non-members out.

We also monitor the counter by means of camera surveillance. After all, privacy-sensitive work will also take place here. We want to make sure that no unauthorized persons are watching. And moreover, we want to be very sure that nobody sneaks in when the employee is very busy.

In our sports and cardio rooms we use cameras to ensure that help can be called in on time if you, as a visitor, become unwell, accidentally trapped or involved in sexual harassment or calamities.

The camera surveillance at the lockers in the men’s locker room in Weert and Roermond is used to deter possible vandals and thieves. This way we make sure your belongings are guarded and no unwanted activities take place. Are you visiting in one of these locations: the cameras are aimed at the lockers; no athletes will be seen changing clothes.

At several locations we also monitor the area around the building, such as the parking lot, using cameras. At our clubs in Mariaberg and Herten we also have cameras aimed at the bicycle shed. Also here we want to keep vandals or thieves at a distance or at least be able to recognize when something has happened.


The camera footage is viewed by persons who are authorized to do so. This allows our desk staff to watch live from behind the counter, with the exception of the cameras in the dressing room. But we also store the footage so that we can look back if necessary. This specifically concerns footage of our buildings and grounds, with the corresponding data such as the time, date and place at which the camera footage was taken. Stored footage is only viewed by authorized employees with a non-disclosure obligation. They only have access to these stored footage with a password.

At our clubs, which are accessible 24 hours a day, we can call in an external control room at times when the club is unmanned.


We comply with the legal retention periods. After that, they are erased. This means that we keep them for a maximum of four weeks. And if there has been an incident, such as theft or burglary, we may keep the data until the case is settled.

Sometimes we cannot get around it. In that case, we are legally obliged to provide the footage to a qualified government body when requested to do so, for example as part of a criminal investigation. We only do this if we have received a (written) order to do so or if we are forced to do so by law. However, we can guarantee that we will not provide the data to third parties.


Just as with the personal data we process and store about you, you can also ask us to retrieve and look back at footage on which you can be seen. You may also ask us for a copy. However, you will first have to make a specified request and name the camera footage, such as the relevant day, time period and location. The contact details can be found below.

You can also ask us to remove camera footage or shield cameras. However, you must be able to indicate that the camera surveillance is not necessary for the purpose – protection of property or persons – or because it violates the law.

If you have a request or a complaint, we will respond as soon as possible, in any case within four weeks. Please also note that Il fiore healthcenters may reject your request if the privacy interests of fellow athletes and/or employees are harmed. If you think we are in violation, you can also contact the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, who watches over our privacy.


Maybe you still have questions or complaints about the camera surveillance or the behavior of the employees involved or you want to make a request.
Write to: 
il fiore healthcenters 
Putkamp 4 
6049 AK Roermond

Our member administration can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 12:00 uur op: By phone number 0475 202 183.