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Fitness Maastricht (Geusselt)

With the most advanced equipment and personalized guidance, we help you to achieve your personal goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build fitness or build muscle, at il fiore healthcenters (Geusselt) you will be actively coached. So your first training starts with an extensive intake. Together with an instructor you determine your goal and the way to it.

You have plenty of time to reach this goal because with your clubkey you have 24/7 access to our gym in Maastricht Geusselt. A physiotherapist will be present for a large part of the day to support you. This way you can be sure that you will get results as quickly as possible, in a responsible manner and without injuries. And do you want even more guidance? Come and visit us during occupation hours in Cèramique.

High standard of fitness ad Maastricht (Geusselt)

Raise your bar even higher with our smart power or cardio fitness machines. Our fitness centre in Maastricht (Geusselt) has the most innovative fitness equipment available at the moment. The machines are equipped with an Intelligent Training Console. This automatically links your workout to your digital environment – fitness apps – via an account for a unique workout experience. With your clubkey, you can log in and out touch-free, so you can fully focus on your planned workout. The console tracks performance and progress for you. And to keep you motivated, our cardio-fitness machines are equipped with a clear screen where you can see your performance or follow your popular Netflix series as you work out.

Functional training in our gym in Maastricht (Geusselt)

il fiore healthcenters works with the latest trends in the fitness world. For example, you can get to know functional fitness in our gym. This is an innovative and effective training method in which the physical actions and movements that we make in daily life are central. With functional training you can increase your sporting performance and prevent injuries.

Optimal ease of use

Our gym in Maastricht (Geusselt) also offers you optimal ease of use. This way you can work out whenever it suits you. Our club, located near the MVV stadium on the A2, is easily accessible, there is plenty of free parking space and there are several bus stops in the area. We make it easy to play sports at lunchtime, before or after work. With us you have access to private dressing rooms and showers where you can take a shower without looking at the pots and pans. And if that’s more convenient or if you also want to participate in group lessons, you can also train with our clubs Maastricht Céramique and Maastricht Mariaberg with your Premium membership.

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il fiore healthcenters Maastricht-Geusselt

Olympiaweg 68a, 6225 XX Maastricht, Limburg

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