Yes we're allowed again! Check out our measures. Yes we're allowed again! Check out our measures.

Strengthen natural movements

Functional training is now a thing of the past. Il fiore healthcenters always follows the trends and we also offer functional training. We offer training methods that are aimed at improving or supporting a physical activity or function. The goal is to strengthen ‘natural’ movements. Think of getting up, pulling, sitting, pushing, throwing, grabbing, climbing and lifting. These are all kinds of activities we do every day. Precisely because we do these exercises so often, the chance of hiccups and ailments is greater. That is why extra practice is always effective. Maybe you have a hard time getting up, a knee or arm injury or a lot of pain when lifting things. In our functional training sessions we reduce these ‘pains’. We will work with you individually or in a team and give tailor-made exercises that are in balance with the natural load on the muscles and joints.

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