Up to 2 months free membership and no entry fee

Start today and benefit directly from our offer! Please note: for some actions you have to use promotion codes.

With a 2-year membership you can sport for 2 months for free and you don’t have to pay a registration fee! Use the discount code: 2maand

With a 1-year membership you can sport for 1 month for free and you don’t pay a registration fee! Use the discount code: 1maand

With a flexible membership you don’t pay a registration fee! Use the discount code: flex

The various actions are valid until 21 October 2019.

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Would you like to play sports under professional supervision at il fiore healthcenters but at the moment you still have a membership at another gym? No problem! Il fiore healthcenters offers a membership switching service. This means that we will take over your membership, allowing you to work out at il fiore healthcenters.

Example: At the moment you are still a member of gym X, but you would like to take group lessons that gym X does not offer. Sportschool X has a notice period of one month, but you want to start as soon as possible. This month we will take over for you and the membership will take effect at the moment when your notice period has expired. In case of a 1 or 2 year membership: Free registration & contract takeover. (up to 6 months) Register for free now and sport for free until your old membership expires (registration is only possible at the branch). When you register, you only pay for the first month of your new membership. You must submit a deregistration form or confirmation of deregistration to your other gym during enrolment at il fiore healthcenters. It is not possible to combine the above actions.

At a 1-or 2-year subscription: subscribe & contract acquisition. (up to a maximum of 6 months)

Sign up now for free and sports for free until your old subscription is over (you can register only in the establishment).

You need an unsubscribe form or confirmation of de-registration at your other gym in health centres to provide during enrollment at il fiore.

It is not possible to combine above actions.

Het is niet mogelijk om bovenstaande acties te combineren.