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Strength training stands for resistance training to improve the strength in the human body and especially the muscles. This is done with the aim of improving sports-specific performance. The difference with fitness is that in strength training a specific goal is pursued. Where fitness often focuses on movement. At Core, you train your muscles in groups on the best and latest hits. Something for you? Then take a look at the following group lessons

Group lessons strength


Would you like to take group lessons, but are they often at times when you just can’t? Then the virtual group lessons are ideal. You can follow them via a flexible timetable and adjust the group lessons to your wishes. A virtual lesson is different from a live lesson. There is no live instructor present; you follow the lesson via a large screen. Thanks to our extensive offer, there is a lesson for everyone. With our virtual lessons you can continue to work on your own personal goals and still play sports with others. And now the most beautiful of these lessons: they are completely free. You don’t need Upgrade, do you miss that one live group lesson for example? Then start a virtual lesson to keep up to date when it suits you best.

Sport up to 8 weeks for free including sign-up fee

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