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Move better

We work effectively on fitness at il fiore healthcenters Maastricht (Mariaberg) by also providing functional training. Specific exercises are then used to improve the performance of ‘basic’ movements. During functional training you will always be approached individually and expertly supervised. The intended goal is different for every athlete and the physical background differs from person to person. These are movements that we are naturally equipped with and use to the full: pushing, pulling, getting up, sitting, jumping, throwing, lifting and climbing. By focusing on this training they can be strengthened and improved. For example, the program can be aimed at reducing back or knee injuries during football or winter sports. But it can also help to better perform certain actions at home or at work, such as lifting.

During functional training we will work with you on different exercises. The emphasis of this lesson is on developing strength and endurance. This training is suitable for everyone whether you want to lose weight or just try to build up your condition. Each lesson has a circuit full of exercises for you. The instructor will make sure that you understand all the exercises and can perform them at your own level.

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