4 weken extra gratis sporten + welkomstpakket 🎁 4 weken extra gratis sporten + welkomstpakket 🎁

Special for the ladies

Specially for the ladies in Maastricht and surroundings: il fiore healthcenters has a “Ladies Only Zone”! Come and work out with your friends or meet other women to work on your goals together. Would you like to sport alone? Then choose for a moment no distraction, headphones on, music on and full focus on fitness. Now is the time to go for it all and put yourself at number one.

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Why do sports in a Ladies Only Zone

Would you like to workout in a quiet, bright space where you can work on your body together with other women? Then the Ladies Only zone is for you! Women’s fitness is all about this moment and offers the perfect opportunity to work on your personal goals. Have you set goals to work on your buttocks, abdomen and legs? Then you are in the place. Take on the challenge together to get the best out of yourself. Or maybe you prefer to work out alone. Then of course you can. Do you have any questions about women’s fitness during class or at any other time? You can always contact the instructor or one of our other employees.

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