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Relax at il fiore healthcenters Maastricht (Céramique), enjoy light and warmth and at the same time get a nice tan? Responsible tanning under a sunbed! at il fiore healthcenters

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Alisun SunVision 444 XXL

This high quality sunbed is presented in platinum grey and blue. The Alisun Sunvision 444 XXL has an efficient body cooling system with ventilation openings, unpleasant heat is no longer a problem, the fan and air conditioning provide a pleasant climate. Via the control panel you can adjust the ventilation and face tanner to your own wishes.

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Power Source VXL 200

Standing tanning with a vertical sunbed. The Power Source VXL is a professional model in vertical tanning beds. Vertical tanning is the ultimate dream of every sun worshipper. The advantage is that your body does not have to lean on anything, so every piece of skin gets the same amount of UV light, so you do not suffer from white pressure points.

– UV -Low pressure lamps 60 x 180R Watt, 0,3% UVB
– Interior lighting
– body coolings system
– Face cooler
– XL-light 2 meter technology
– Terminal for external timer

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